2-Step Verification

2-Step Verification provides stronger security for your HR Cloud account by requiring a second step of verification when you sign in. In addition to your password, you’ll also need a code generated to you on your phone, email, or SMS.

If you are interested in this option, please notify your account manager about this or reach out to our support chat so we can enable it for you.

2-Step verification set up - HR Admin

Once this option is enabled in the backend, HR Admin can set up the 2-Step Verification for their account.

2-Step Verification is disabled by default and they can enable it at any time after it's been turned on by the support team.

To enable the 2-step verification, go to Settings>User Management>Account Settings.

If you want to enable it, click on Configure on the right and click on the activation button. It will show active instead of inactive and you will be able to choose the effective date of this change, and methods for receiving the code and adjust special criteria if necessary. The last step is clicking Save.

  • Methods for receiving the code right now are by email and/or the Authenticator app. *SMS verification option will become available soon but please note this one will be chargeable.
  • Additionally, you can adjust assignment rules so only specific employees who meet the criteria will be subjected to the 2-step verification.

2-Step verification from the User point

When a user goes to sign in to their account, they will need to provide a verification code in addition to the account email and password.

Depending on the verification setup, the user will get the available options.

  • BY EMAIL - user will have to enter the email and click on ''Send code''.

The email you will get will provide you with that number and it will look like this:

If you don’t manage to access your email in time, you can click on “Resend verification code” to receive it again. 



We currently support the majority of known authenticator apps such as Google Authenticator, Duo Mobile, and Microsoft Authenticator.

Connection is accomplished by scanning the code or manually entering the key.


As soon as you input the correct verification code, the HR Cloud application will bring you to your Dashboard. 



Once it is done for the first time, there will be an option ''Don't ask again on this browser'' which will enable the user to save the trusted browser, and therefore, the user won't be obliged to go through the 2-step verification process every time.


By clicking on this option, HR Admin will be able to reset user's 2-Step Verification Settings for this specific user and that will give an option for the user to configure the verification method again upon their next login.



By going to ''My settings'', users can adjust their verification methods and remove trusted browsers if necessary.