Access Workmates from ADP WFN without login

Below you can find instructions on how to setup ADP QuickLink

  1. Log into ADP WorkforceNow via Administrator Login
  2. Click on your user name at the top of the page and select Configuration
  3. From the Select Page dropdown, select Quick Links
  4. Select the Content Scope (usually that is the one that shows up on all profiles, such as the Basic Library) or create a new one
  5. In the Editor, click on the area below the toolbar and then click on the ‘Insert Image’ icon in the toolbar
  6. Save the image of the WM logo located below and upload it
  7. Highlight the logo that you just uploaded and click on the ‘Link’ icon in the toolbar
  8. Paste this as the URL:
  9. Select "New Window" as your Target and click on Set
  10. Assign it to all Profiles that you want this link to be visible to

This can also be added to the Banner section (instead of the Quick Link section), the process is pretty much the same.
Workmates Logo (1)