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How to add a new Employee?

This article explains how to manually add a new employee in HR Cloud.

Adding a new employee usually refers to adding a new hire's record to the system. This includes adding general details about the employees, their contact information, compensation related information etc.

To add a new employee, go to the People app and click on the people tab.

  1. Click on '+' icon on the top of the grid. Employee profile form opens.
  2. Fill in the form with employee's details.
  3. Choose which checklist you wish to assign: Pre-hire Checklist, Onboarding or No auto assignment.
  4. Check if the right Checklist has been triggered by clicking on Review Assigned Tasks.
  5. If everything is okay, click Save.

Here's a short video of the steps above:


Useful tips:

  • You can search employee's information by sections.
  • In the Review Assigned Tasks step you can make changes by adding, editing or deleting tasks.