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Bridge LMS integration

This article will navigate you on how to setup your Bridge LMS integration

Ask your Account Manager to enable Bridge LMS integration for you.

Log in to HR Cloud (HR Admin) and go to Settings.

There you will find a new option Bridge LMS in the Integrations section.


The screen which opens requires you to enter two pieces of information:

  • Bridge LMS API Key
  • Bridge LMS Subdomain


Now, login to your BridgeLMS account and click on the Admin icon visible on the navigation sidebar


Account setting should open after clicking on the Admin icon, and that click on the API tab.

Click on the +Add token button. This should open Create Token modal.

Enter Token Name and choose a Role (preferably Account Admin or Admin)


The token is created immediately after the saving action. Save generated credentials because they will not be visible after closing modal!


Now go to HR Cloud  and paste this to the Bridge LMS API key field (without the Basic label)


In the Subdomain field, you need to enter your Bridge path without .workable.com)


Now that you have all the data you need you can click Connect!


  1. If you want us to map custom Bridge fields, set Include Custom Fields toggle to true. To use this functionality you need to have all needed custom fields added to the Bridge. To find which fields you need go to the table at the bottom of this article. 

You are all set! When you add a new employee to the HRCloud he is automatically sent to Bridge.


Integration rules:

  • BridgeID should be unique on our side, only one employee can be connected with one unique Bridge ID.
  • If you want to connect an employee inside CoreHR with an existing user on the Bridge side, please enter that specific user's Bridge ID. (same case while adding a new employee or editing existing employee)
  • Bridge ID will automatically generate after the Save action if you leave this field empty while adding a new employee! (this case is not working for updating an existing employee inside CoreHR, only when adding new employees.)

The following information is sent from HR Cloud to Bridge each time an employee is created:


HR Cloud


Employee: First Name


Employee: Last Name


Employee: Full Name


Employee: Full Name


Employee: Employee Number


Employee: Email


Employee: Email


Employee: Onboarding Date


Manager: BridgeID


Employee: Position Name


Employee: Department Name



If you turn Include custom fields the following fields are also sent to Bridge. For this to work you need custom fields in the Bridge with the same name as below:


HR Cloud


Employee: Department Name


Employee: Division Name


Manager: Email

Manager Email

Employee: Separation Date

Formal Offboarding Date

Position: Section


Position: Unit



When this feature is enabled new fields (Section and Unit) automatically appear on the Position object