Security FAQ

Here are the Frequently Asked Questions about HR Cloud Security

How is data handled both in transit and at rest?

  • All data is encrypted at rest using AES256 encryption at the device level.  All data in transit is encrypted using TLS/1.2.

What kind of hosting is HR Cloud using?

  • HR Cloud uses NEOGOV as a hosting partner.  NEOGOV owns and operates the physical cloud infrastructure that HR Cloud uses.

Where is Data Stored?

  • Data is stored in  LA and DC and in AWS S3 (US-East-1).

What are the procedures in place to prevent HR Cloud staff from accessing our data?

  • This is governed by the admin tool used to access customer data and admins who have a VPN connection to the cloud environment.

What are the penetration test results?

  • The pen test report can be provided under NDA.  HRCloud conducted a pen test of all products using Praetorian.