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GTM Integration

This article will help you understand what is integrated with GTM and how to set it up in HR Cloud.

1. Ask your Account Manager to enable GTM Integration for you.

2. Log in to HR Cloud as HR Admin and go to Settings. Click on the GTM option from the Integrations section menu.

3. Initiate the configuration by acknowledging the Privacy Policy. To accept it, enable the checkbox, and save the change by pressing Save.  Accepting the aforementioned policy will showcase the formal consent with the timestamp and the name of the User who was to agree to the terms.

4. After the privacy policy is acknowledged insert the data in the appropriate fields required to connect GTM successfully: Client Name, Legal Name, Service URL, API Client ID, and API Client Secret. Once filled out adequately, the Connect button will become blue and clickable.


Import employees from GTM to HR Cloud

After a successful connection, you will have the option to turn on the Automatic Import or Import data manually at any time. 


Export employee from HR Cloud to GTM
Once you have successfully connected the integration you will be able to export your New Hire information to GTM.
You can do so by completing the “Export Employee from HR Cloud to GTM” task.
This task will appear in your predefined task section and it is advised to include it in your All New Hire checklist so all new employees are transferred to GTM.
The task will indicate if there are any missing required fields necessary to export the employee over to GTM.


Field mappings:

HR Cloud field GTM Payroll field
GTMPayrollID Id
Employee Number* Employee Number
First Name* First Name*
Middle Name Middle Name
Last Name* Last Name*
Address 1 Address 1
Address 2 Address 2
City City
State State
ZipCode Zip Code*
Personal Email Personal Email Address
Email* Email Address
Gender Gender
Date Of Birth Birth Date
Start Date* Hire Date*
  Rehire Date
Separation Date Termination Date
Location* Work Location*
Employment status* Employment Status*
Position* Job Title
Manager Assigned Manager
Pay Frequency Pay Frequency*
Pay Rate Pay Rate
Employment Type Employment Category Code*
Pay Type Pay Type*
Pay Group Pay Group*
Department* Department
Pay Group  
Code* payGroup Id
Name* payGroup description
Pay Type  
Type* payType
RecordStatus Active


If there is no email, it will be generated as GUID@noemail.com