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How to add a document?

This article explains how to add a new document related to an employee.

An employee can have documents related to him. The existing documents can be seen through the employee profile.

To add a document,

  1. Go to the employee profile.
  2. Click on the DOCUMENTS tab from the left panel. It will list all the existing documents.
  3. Click on the "+ Add New" icon on the top of the grid and upload the document.
    Please note that you can upload more than one document by selecting or dropping them in the upload field.
  4. Upload the document and set the privacy level. The privacy field suggests who can access the document. It can take one of the following values.
    1. Only You
    2. Everyone (Only Employees that can see the related employee)
    3. Custom (further divided by Security roles)
    4. Everyone except related employee
  5. Click Save to add the document. It will be shown in the list of documents.