How to add a Global Folder Tree?

This article will explain how you can create a Global Folder Tree.

Global Folder Tree is a good thing to use in case you want to create one or more folders under everybody's files. It will save you time and ensure that all of your employees have the same folder structure.

To create a Global Folder, go to Files. Employee Files tab will open and you will see "Global Folder Tree" button in the upper right corner as shown here.  

Snip___Files___Google_Chrome (1)

Click on it and select + New Folder and name your folder. Once you created that one, it will be highlighted and if you repeat the process, you will create a subfolder. In case you don't want to do that, click on the "Employee Folders" until it becomes highlighted as shown in the video and you will be able to create another global folder instead of a subfolder.