How to cancel a pending change request?

This article explains how to cancel any type of status change request which is scheduled for a future date. This can be referred to Salary, Position, Employment Status, Bonus or Start Date changes

Whenever any kind of employment details is changed for an employee, an effective date is also provided which tells the date from which the new change will be effective. Until the effective date, the status change request can be canceled.

Let's take employment status as an example.

To cancel the change request,

  1. Go to the employee profile.
  2. Click the Employment Status History clock icon under the Employment section on the profile tab.
  3. There you will be able to see all records related to the employment status. Ones that have 
    "Applied" status can not be canceled.
  4. Click on  the Report icon on the left side of the record you want to cancel. You will have the option to cancel only on records with ''Approved'' or ''Pending'' approval status.
  5. Click the Cancel Request on the page and confirm.


This process can be used on any available history object.

You just have to locate the correct ''clock'' icon next to the field which you would like to change and follow the above-mentioned steps.