How to change Employment Status?

This article explains how to change the employment status for an employee.

Employment status refers to the status of the employee in the organization. It can be one of the following:

  • Active - when the employee is hired and has joined too.
  • Prehire - when the employee is hired but the details like start date, location or department have not been defined yet.
  • Terminated - when the employee has been terminated from the services of the organization.
  • Leave of absence - when the employee is temporarily unavailable for the services of the organization.

Please note that only an HR admin or an authorized user can perform this task. To modify the status,

  1. Go to the employee profile in People application.
  2. Click on the Actions button on the top right corner of the page.
  3. Click on Change Employment Status link under Update Employment.
  4. Update the status and provide the date from which the new status would be effective. Click Save.

By default, the changes are effective from 12AM on the selected date. Also, if a status change is requested and is pending as the effective date has not come, no more status changes can be requested during that period.

The status change history can be found next to the Employment Status History field on the employee profile page.