How to choose a task type?

Here you will find short descriptions of different types of tasks that are divided into two main groups: Individual and Multi-Contributor Tasks.

Individual Tasks

Individual Tasks are in fact Single-Contributor tasks meaning that the task has to be completed by only one person.

  • Plain Task

As the name suggests these tasks are simple tasks that are usually used as reminders. For example, you can use a plain task to remind employees to bring their documentation on their first day of work.

This type of task can also be used as Download Document Task. In other words, you can upload a document (a manual for example) for your employees to read and acknowledge (by providing a signature or simply completing the task.

  • Video Task

Video task offers to add a Youtube or Vimeo URL. Videos from previously mentioned websites will be embedded into HR Cloud and employees can watch them directly in HR Cloud.

  • Form Task (Single)

The task with a digital form attached. All it takes is to click on "Choose..." button on Form field and select a form from the Library.

  • Document request task

This is a task with an upload field where employees can upload their documents which are automatically then stored on their profile under the Documents section.

Multi-Contributor Tasks

As the name suggests, these tasks require multi contributors meaning more than one person is involved in its completion.

  • Form Task

Allows you to add more participants in the process of form completion. Different steps are assigned to different participants in order that suits your process but in the end, they all complete the same form but in different steps.

  • Complex Task (Multi-Contributor)

Here you can chain various types of tasks (plain, video, form, document request) together as steps. This task allows you to create a specific order in which the tasks have to be completed.