How to create a new Time Off type?

This article explains how to add a new Time Off type.

Please note that only an admin has the right to create a new Time Off type.

To create a new Time Off type,

  1. Go to System Settings 
  2. Click on the Time Off types under the Time Off app settings.
  3. Click on the ''+'' icon on the top of the grid.
  4. Fill in the form with Time Off type details: 
  • Visibility Rules  - determine to whom this Time Off Type is visible. Choose All Employees, or create rules with different criteria to target a specific subset of employees.
  • Unit of Time - configure how time should be measured for this time-off type. (hours or days) Be aware that the time unit can not be changed once there is active data in the system (accruals and/or time off requests for this time off type)
  • Requests Restriction - allow overbooking or make balance required

5.     Once done, click Save.