How to create Employee Groups?

This document discusses the steps of creating employee groups in the HR Cloud system.

Employee groups are logical sets of employees. Employee groups can be useful while assigning tasks or generating reports.

Please note that you require admin privileges to be able to create and set up employee groups.

  • To create an employee group, go to System Settings and click on Employee Groups under the General tab. The table shows the list of existing employee groups.
  • Click on ‘+New Group’ icon to create a new employee group.


  1. Enter the group name, description, status, and group members. You can search for employees by name to add them to the group. Alternatively, you can click on the Magnifying glass icon to see the list of all the employees and choose from there as well.
  2. By selecting Eligibility Criteria and Condition, you can add groups of employees that are a part of the same Department, Division, Location, etc. You can still add specific members of this group manually by clicking on the magnifying glass icon above.
  3. An additional option you can set up for groups is Inbox and Directory Segmentation - set up who can members of this group contact within Inbox or see in Directory.
  4. After adding all the members  and adjusting segmentation, click "Create"

  • Later, once the group is used, under Group Details, you can see in which Checklists and Workflows these groups are being used.