How to Customize Homepage on Mobile App?

This article will explain how you can customize your homepage on mobile application.

HR Admins can request Homepage Customization feature by reaching out to their Account Managers or to our support team.  Once that feature has been enabled, you will get a new option under Settings called Mobile App Settings


Click on the Homepage button to see how your mobile homepage looks at the moment. You will see all the showcased widgets as well as other possible options. If you want to customize and adjust them, you can select Configure in the upper right corner.  You are able to select up to 10 widgets that will be displayed on your mobile homepage. 

You can remove the ones that are shown by default by clicking on the minus (-) sign on their right side.

You can also rearrange them by clicking on the six dots sign on their left and drag and dropping them to a different position.

If you remove any of them you can easily return them by clicking on a plus sign under the correct category (social or system widgets) as shown in video. 

When you are happy with your setup, we can click Save and the changes will be visible on the mobile app.