How to customize your Onboarding portal?

This article explains how to customize the look and feel of your onboarding web portal.

A portal is like a homepage for the employee in the Onboard application which shows an overview of their profile, tasks assigned, etc. The contents of the portal are customizable and can vary from employee to employee based on the position, location or any other attribute of his profile. You can also create multiple portals for an employee.

Please note that only an HR Admin can create new portals. The customization of the portal can be done by the administrators assigned while creating the portal.


To customize your Onboarding portal, follow the below steps:

1. Click on the ''Onboard'' under Onboard - Portals.

2. Click the Edit button on the upper right-hand side to customize the header and add widgets.

3. Click Edit Header to use company branding in the header of the portal or your custom logo, image, and header color in the portal.

4. Also, you can add different types of widgets to be shown on the portal. The various types of widgets can be created to include text, links, documents, pictures, and video* widgets. *Please note that videos need to be published on Youtube or Vimeo.

5. To rearrange the widgets, click on the three dots at the beginning of the widget and move it.

6.  By clicking on "Settings", you can rename the portal, add administrators, and adjust the assignees policy. More mention of it can be found below.

7. Click Save after making all the changes.

Please watch the video below explaining all of the above steps:

By default, the Onboard portal is marked as the global main portal but you can change that under Settings.  By disabling that toggle, you can create different portals for different audiences and then this Onboard portal will only be displayed to employees who don't meet any criteria.