How to duplicate a checklist?

This article explains the various ways in which you can create a duplicate checklist from an existing checklist.

To create a duplicate checklist,

1. Go to the Checklists page from the left panel of the application.

2. Select the duplicate icon under the Actions column of the checklist which is to be duplicated.

3. A duplicate will be created and listed with the title as 'Copy of <checklist name>'.


If duplicate checklists are to be created from multiple checklists at once,

1. Select the checklists for which a duplicate is to be created.

2. Select the Actions button on the top of the grid.

3. Select Duplicate. This will create a duplicate of each of the selected checklists.



Please note that while duplicating checklists, the schedule is not duplicated. Hence, to enable or activate the duplicate checklists, edit them and set the schedule.