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How to edit or delete a note?

This article explains how to edit or delete notes related to an employee.

Notes can be used as special messages or reminders for an employee. The notes related to an employee can be seen in the employee profile. Click the Notes link in the left panel of the profile page to see the details of the notes.

To edit a note,

  1. Go to the Notes link in the employee profile page.
  2. Click the Note record to be edited. The note details are shown.
  3. Click the Edit button on the top. Make changes as required and click Save.

To delete a note,

  1. Select the note to be deleted from the list of notes. You can select up to 100 notes at once to be deleted.
  2. Click Actions button on top and select Delete Notes.
  3. Alternatively, you can open the detailed view of a note and click the Delete Note button at the end of the note.

Please note that you will need to have the correct permissions to edit or delete notes.