How to export documents and forms?

This article explains how to export documents and forms.

You can export all the documents and forms shown in the employee profile. The forms and documents are visible on the basis of the permissions given when the documents are saved in the profile.

To export forms and documents related to a specific employee,

1. Go to the Employee profile page.

2. Click on the documents or forms link in the left panel of the page.

3. Select the documents or forms to be exported.

4. Click on Actions button at the top and select Bulk Download.

5. The documents will be downloaded on your computer.

Please note that the forms are exported in a similar way.


You can also export a form in bulk for all the employees who have completed those forms.

To export a form for multiple employees,

1. Go to the Forms tab in People, Onboarding or Offboarding app.

2. Select the form which is to be exported.

3. Select the employees for whom the form is to be exported.

4. Click the Actions button. Select Export Form to PDF.  The forms will be downloaded on your computer.


If you need to download the Document or Form grid, you can choose between exporting them to PDF, CSV or Excel formats by following the same process and then choosing the appropriate export option.