How to initiate E-Verify?

HR Cloud is now integrated with E-Verify to provide a one stop shop for your employee onboarding process. If you participate in E-Verify, follow these steps to submit your employees for verification.

1) First, make sure your onboarding checklist has the new I-9 task that includes the additional step to initiate E-Verify.

2) Once the employee fills out their portion of the I-9, you as the employer must go in and complete the employer section of the I-9. Once that is completed, click on the Save And Initiate E-Verify button at the top right.


3) On the next screen, you must upload the documents required to fulfill the I-9 requirements. Once that is done and all the information looks accurate, click on Submit New Case at the top right.

This will submit the documentation and start the E-Verify process.


4) You can keep track of all your past and currently pending cases via the E-Verify tab in the Onboard application.