How to create a Time Off policy?

This article will explain how to create a Time off policy and all possible options related to it.

To create a new Time Off policy, please follow the below steps:

  1. Go to Settings and locate the Time off app section at the bottom.
  2. Click on Policies and on the ''+'' sign.
  3. There are multiple settings you should pay attention to:
  • In this first step, you will enter "Policy Name", select "Time Off Type" related to it, choose ''Accrual Year Start'' and activate the policy by clicking on the toggle in the right-hand corner.
  • Accrual Year Start can be either an employee's anniversary date or a specific date.
  • The Time off Structure gives you 2 options: 
    • Accrued - employees receive time off in regular or increasing amounts over time.
    • Up Front- Employees receive all time off at the start of the calendar year or on their hire date.

Depending on what time off structure is selected, you will be prompted to enter additional details.

For Accrued Time Off Structure, those details include:

    • Accrual Schedule - you can add multiple tiers and adjust when will the employee receive his accruals, how much and on which basis
    • Option to limit accruals at a specific balance amount
    • Option to enable carryover amount
           For Up Front time off the structure, details included are:
    • Policy settings - how many hours will the employee receive and when; you are able to preview the accruals timeline
    • Option to limit accruals at a specific balance amount
    • Option to enable carryover amount

  • Rules  - add rules which will be based on a specific employment detail and award the employees who meet the criteria with an additional number of hours
  • Enable Auto Assignment - new hires that meet the criteria will automatically get this policy assigned but you can still manage it manually either when adding the employee or assign the policy manually
  • New Hire Waiting Period - enable if necessary and set the waiting period before new employees can earn time off 

            4. Once everything is set, click on "Save".