How to set up Email Forwarding in the Recruit app?

This article outlines how to set up email forwarding in the Recruit app.

By default, for every communication with a job applicant, email notifications are also sent to the hiring manager and collaborators for the job. But in case another recipient is to be added to get all Recruit-related email notifications (for every job), use the setting discussed below.

To set it up, please follow the below steps:

1. Go to Settings and select Recruit under App Settings. Click on Recruit Email Forwarding.

2. Click on Add Recipient button on the top right.

3. You can either add an internal company employee's email id or use an external email id.

  • In the case of internal email, you can use the search option to add the recipient email id. In this case, the display name is already selected from the employee profile.
  • In case of an external email, provide the email id and a display name and click Save.

4. You can add any number of recipients of Recruit emails. All the recipients will be sent every Recruit-related notification.

5. To delete any recipient, click the delete icon in front of the recipient display name.