How to set up New Hire Defaults in ADP?

''Add new hire to ADP'' task enables you to send your new hire from HR Cloud to ADP.

In order for you to send your new hire to ADP, you have to have basic employment and personal details filled out for this employee:

  • Position, Department, Location, Company
  • SSN, Gender, Date of Birth, Address, City, State, ZIP, Country

To have this task completed successfully, you need to set up your new hire defaults in ADP.

Setting New Hire Defaults is how ADP handles the transfer of data. 
If a new hire’s values are different from these defaults, their records should be updated after the transfer.
HR Cloud includes a task to ensure you don’t forget to update these defaults after the record is sent to ADP.

1. Activate “HR + Payroll (System)” template

  1. Log into your ADP Admin account
    Screenshot 2022-04-05 152458
  2. Go to Setup Template ManagementHire/RehireScreenshot 2022-04-05 152628
  3.  Under New Hire Templates, find HR + Payroll (System). Select Yes in ‘Activated?’Screenshot 2022-04-05 152813

2.  Set New Hire defaults

  1. Log into your ADP Admin account
    Screenshot 2022-04-05 152458

  2. Go to Setup Payroll Company Options
    Screenshot 2022-04-05 153534

  3. Click on the Company Code - Please note that you have to set this up for all companies that you are using
    Screenshot 2022-04-05 153714
  4. Scroll down to the New Hire Defaults section and fill it out according to your company’s policy

    Please note that State Worked In and SUI/SDI State must be set to a value. These 2 fields are not available for updates from HR Cloud, but there must be an entry in order for the profile to be received on ADP WFN side.

     5.     Click Done to save your changes    Screenshot 2022-04-05 154248