How to Sign an E-Form?

This article will explain how you can sign any form in HR Cloud.

There are two types of forms that your employer can ask you to sign. First type is called Background and the second one is a Dynamic form. 

How to Sign a Dynamic Form?

If you need to sign on it, there will be a signature field for you to draw your signature or input electronically created one. When you choose either option, your signature will remain visible to you and you can click Save.

Once you complete the task, you can View Form and see that your signature is in place just as in this video.

How to Sign a Background Form?

You can recognize background form because it will have a PDF document as a background and then you will see fillable fields on top of it.  If you want to sign a background form, you can either draw your signature or use electronic signature, but after you sign, you need to click Done in the lower right corner of the signature field as shown in the video. If you do not click Done, your signature will disappear. Once you click done, you won't be able to see your signature anymore and instead, you will see the word Signed. That means that your signature has been accepted and you can proceed to Save the form. When you save the form and complete the task, you will be able to View Form and see that your signature is in place.