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How to view Tasks, Notes, Forms and Documents?

This article explains how to see the tasks, forms, documents or notes for an employee.

Tasks, notes, forms, and documents related to an employee can all be seen from the employee profile.

1. Go to the employee's profile.

2. The left panel of the profile page lists the number of each of the tasks, documents, notes, and forms assigned to the employee.

3. To see the details, click the links.

4. From FORMS section on the employee's profile, the employee can locate the form he wants to update and he can do so if he has "update" permissions. By clicking the form's title, he will be able to see the Edit option in the upper right-hand corner.

Alternatively, tasks assigned to an employee can also be seen from the Tasks tab under the Menu link on the left panel of the application.

Also, specific onboarding tasks are shown under the Tasks tab in the Onboard portal (accessible through the employee profile or through the Onboard app).