Indeed Integration

Here you will find information on how to set up and use HR Cloud Recruit integration with Indeed.

Indeed requirements


Indeed is an American worldwide employment-related search engine for job listings.

In order to post jobs on Indeed you will first need to meet a set of requirements:

  • Indeed does not allow content from clients that are using a free-trial period.
  • All job data in the file must match the job data on the individual clients’ career site.
    • All jobs must have a landing page that includes a job description.
  • Recruit’s clients cannot use a different Recruit app on their company website.
    • For example, if we get a file for a Recruit and discover one of their clients, Company X, is using a different Recruit on, then Company X cannot be included in the Recruit’s file.
  • Test jobs are not allowed on Indeed.

For more information please refer to Indeed's website.

Please note that there will be additional charges for staffing companies.

Location Addresses

If your company meets all requirements, the next step would be to add an address for all of your job locations. The address has to include either:

  • Country, State, and City
  • or Country and Postal Code

To set up the location addresses,

1. Go to People application,

2. Click on the Locations tab,

3. Click on the Location name and then edit,

4. In Address field start writing the Country, State and City or Country and Postal Code,

5. Click on the suggested address and save the changes.



To change the address, click on the x button on the right and repeat the steps to add the new address.



Once the addresses are set, your Implementation Consultant will turn the Integration on.


Indeed Crawler

The final and most important step is to reach out to Indeed customer support to include your HR Cloud job board URL in the crawler.

You can make such a request here.


  • Please note that in order for Indeed to publish your jobs there should be at least two open jobs in your HR Cloud Recruit.
  • For any assistance and inquires about Indeed technical support, you can reach them at