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Lever Integration

Lever - Integration Setup Walkthrough

Connecting the Integration

  1. Ask your Account Manager to enable Lever integration for you.
  2. Log in to HR Cloud (HR Admin) and go to Settings.
  3. There you will find a new option Lever in the Integrations section.


4. The screen which opens requires you to Connect to Lever to Integrate directly with HR Cloud.


5. Clicking on the “Connect” button will initiate the process and redirect you to the Lever
login screen. Use your Lever email address and password to connect to the Integration.



6. By signing in to your Lever account and connecting Lever - HR Cloud Integration, the
the last step will be accepting the Policy of what HR Cloud will be requesting access in your
Lever account.

Importing candidates from Lever to HR Cloud

7.    On the following screen, you can start an import from Lever. Every time you click Import,
HR Cloud will collect information about all hired employees from Lever and add them to
the HR Cloud system. 


If you want, you can choose Automatic import. Enabling this will automatically import newly
hired employees from Lever into HR Cloud. Daily import will occur at 12:00 AM PST.


Field Mapping from Lever to HR Cloud

The following information is sent from Lever to HR Cloud for all hired employees:

Lever HR Cloud
Candidate's First Name Employee: First Name
Candidate's Last Name Employee: Last Name
Candidate's Email Employee: Email
Job Name Employee: Position
Job Department / Team Employee: Department
Job Location Employee: Location
Job Work Type  Employee: Employment Type
Job Hiring Manager Manager
Offer: Anticipated Start Date Employee: Start Date