How to make sure an Employee is added to ADP from HR Cloud?

This article will explain how to verify that your employee has an ADP account.

''Add new hire to ADP'' task is part of the Onboarding process in HR Cloud.

HR Admin or an authorized user can complete this task after the employee's HR Cloud profile has been completed and specific information entered.

To add the employee in ADP,  in addition to basic employment details such as Position, Department, Location, and Manager, the following data needs to be collected:


Once all of this information is stored on the employee's profile, you will be able to Mark the Complete ''Add new hire to ADP'' task.

To make sure that your employee has been added to ADP, you can check ADP but you can also check the Account details on the employee's profile.

If the below data is empty, that means that this specific employee doesn't have an ADP account.



  • If your employee still hasn't been added in the ADP, you can do all of the necessary employment detail changes directly in HR Cloud.
  • If your employee has an ADP account (has Associate OID entered in the Account tab), then you need to make all of the employment detail changes in ADP. Those changes will import to HR Cloud overnight or you can initiate manual import to see those changes apply immediately.