This article explains how to setup the connection between HR Cloud and OneLogin.

To connect HR Cloud and OneLogin please follow these steps:

  1. Navigate on your browser to
  2. Login with your credentials to the OneLogin portal.


3. If your account has administrator privileges, you can create a new connector available to your organization. Find the “New App” button.


4. We have published a Connector with all the configurations on it. Find it by typing “HR Cloud” (with a space in between the words).


5. If you require, change the Display Name to be shown to your Organization. This will be the Connector name displayed on the available apps.


6. Go to the Apps menu, and Select Company Apps.


7. Click on HR Cloud to find the Certificate.

8. Find the SSO section and click to find required parameters.


9. Find the SAML2.0 X.509 Certificate. Click on View Details.


10. Copy the X.509 Certificate and send to She will import into your HR Cloud Tenant configuration. Please copy the text on the box.


11. Connector is available to your Organization. Click on it to log into HR Cloud.