Procore Integration

This article will cover the Procore integration setup.

Setting up Procore integration
  1. Reach out to your Account Manager to set up the Procore Integration in the backend
  2. After that's done, go to Settings - Integration - Procore
  3. Click Connect
  4. You have to select your Procore Company to be able to use the integration
  5. If you want to connect just a specific Sub Company (Vendor), select it as well
  6.  Click Import and that will manually sync users from Procore into HRC.

Export data from HRC to Procore:

Employees are exported from HR Cloud to Procore as soon as they are added to the system.

Also, any changes of the synced information in HR Cloud update the information in Procore.

Data Sync from Procore to HR Cloud includes:

  • EmailAddress
  • JobTitle (Position)
  • VendorDetails (Location)
  • First Name & Last Name
  • "IsActive" (employee record status or employment status)