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QuickBooks Online Integration

The QuickBooks Online integration with HR Cloud allows HR admins to export employee data from HR Cloud to their QuickBooks Online account.

OAuth 2.0 Connection

To connect the integration follow the steps below:

1. Log in to HR Cloud as HR Admin and navigate to System Settings > Integrations > Intuit QuickBooks Integration 

2. Initiate the configuration by acknowledging the Privacy Policy. To accept it, enable the checkbox, and save the change by pressing Save button. Accepting the aforementioned policy will showcase the formal consent with the timestamp and the name of the User who was to agree to the terms.

3. Click on the Connect to QuickBooks button.

4. If the HR Admins aren't already signed in to QuickBooks Online, they will have to sign in to their account in the popup window, select the correct company to export employee data to and click Authorize.

Once the authorization flow is successfully completed, the pop window will close automatically and the HR Admins will see QuickBooks Integration dashboard.

If the authorization fails and an error appears in the popup window, please, submit a help desk request.

Import Employee Data

QuickBooks integration allows you to import employees into HR Cloud. 

After a successful consent, you will have an option to turn on the overnight Automatic Import or Import data manually at any wanted time. 

All updates for employees that exist on both sides are done from QuickBooks to HR Cloud.

Export Employee Data

Intuit QBO Id and Intuit QBO Display Name are added automatically to Employee Profiles when QuickBooks integration is enabled, with Intuit QBO Id being the only required information needed for import and Intuit QBO Display Name being required for successful exporting. 

Once the integration has been successfully connected, HR admins can activate a real-time export of employee data to their QuickBooks Online account.


After employees have been created in the HR Cloud People application, HR Admins must navigate to:

System Settings > Integrations > Intuit QuickBooks Integration settings dashboard and click Export.

HR admins may choose to run the export manually or can schedule automatic recurring exports to keep employee data in HR Cloud in sync with their QuickBooks Online account.

When the Intuit QBO Display Name does not meet a match in QuickBooks nor employee's first and last name, a new Employee will be added in QuickBooks. 


Employee information that is sync from HR Cloud to Quickbooks and other way around:

HR Cloud field Intuit QB field
IntuitQboId id
FirstName GivenName
LastName FamilyName
MiddleName MiddleName
DisplayName (import only)
StartDate HiredDate
DateOfBirth BirthDate
Email and User.Email
Gender Gender
Salary.Amount BillRate
SeparationDate ReleasedDate
WorkPhone PrimaryPhone
CellPhone Mobile
“QuickBooks Unassigned” (import only)
“QuickBooks Unassigned” (import only)
“QuickBooks Unassigned” (import only)
SSN (export from HRC only, Quickbooks does not share SSNs)


- If there is no HiredDate  today's date is set as Start Date in HR Cloud
- if the email does not exist on the QuickBooks side email is generated in guid@noemail.com format


If the export fails or if records appear in the Erred column, please, submit a help desk request.