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SAP integration

In this article you will find the steps necessary to set up the SAP integration with HR Cloud.


  1. Ask your Account Manager to enable SAP Success Factors integration for you.
  2. Log in to HR Cloud (HR Admin) and go to Settings.


3.  There you will find a new option SAP Success Factors in the Integrations section.


4.  The screen which opens requires you to enter the following information:

  • SAP Success Factors API Key
  • SAP Success Factors API URL
  • SAP Success Factors Private Key
  • SAP Success Factors Company ID


5. Now, log into your SAP account. In the header dropdown choose Admin Center.


6. Go to Manage OAuth2 Client Applications in SAP Admin Centar (you can search for this term in global search).


7. Click on Register Client Application.


8. You can enter any Application name that fits you.
In the Application URL enter https://corehr.hrcloud.com/.
Now Click on Generate X.509 Certificate


9. Enter anything in the Common Name field (it is not important for HR Cloud) and click Generate.


10. Save will return you to the previous screen. Make sure you click Download under the certificate field (you will not be able to see the data you need later on).
Also, make sure you click Register because the integration won’t go through if you don’t confirm registration.


11. Now, open the document you downloaded in any textual editor (Notepad, Notepad++, etc.). There you can see two groups of information: Certificate and Private key. Copy the Private key part and save it for later. 


12. After you have clicked Register your Application should appear on the list. Now, click on View to observe the Application details. 


13. Now on this screen you can find the API key. This field is not visible when creating the new application, you need to view it to find this information. Copy the API key and save it for later.


14.  Now go back to your HR Cloud SAP integration page.
Enter the API Key you saved to the SAP Success Factors API key field.
Enter the Private Key you copied to the SAP Success Factors Private key field. 


SAP Success Factors Company ID is the Company ID you are using when logging in your SAP Account.



Ask your SAP Account manager for your SAP Success Factors API URL.

You can find the list of available API URLs here: https://apps.support.sap.com/sap/support/knowledge/en/221568


When you enter all the needed data click Connect.

15. On the following screen you can start an import from SAP Success Factors. Every time you click Import, HRCloud will collect information about employees from SAP Success Factors and add or edit them into our system.

If you want you can choose Automatic import. Enabling this will automatically periodically import employees from SAP Success Factors into HR Cloud.
Daily import will occur at 10:00 AM PST.


The following information is sent from SAP Success Factors to HR Cloud with each import:


SAP Field

CHR Field

Person Id


First Name

First Name

Last Name

Last Name

Middle Name

Middle Name

Email Type - Business, Email Address


Country - United States, National Id Card Type - SSN, National Id


Date Of Birth

Date of Birth



Address Line 1

Address 1

Address Line 2

Address 2






Zip Code



Phone type - Cell, Phone number

Cell Phone

Phone type - Business, Phone number

Work Phone

Phone type - Home, Phone number

Home Phone

Hire Date

Start Date

Termination Date

Separation Date









set to "Active"

Record status

set to "Active"

Employment Status

set to "Pending Activation"

Account Status

Some SAP Success Factors Accounts do not share SSN with other applications. If SSN is not imported please contact your SAP support and ask them to enable SSN integration.