Slack Integration

This article will navigate you on how to setup the Slack integration with HR Cloud.

Workmates and Slack


Posts created in Workmates can be shown in a Slack channel.

To set it up:

1. Go to System settings > Integrations > Slack Integration,

2. Connect to Slack,

2. Choose the channel you want the notifications to be sent to as well as Post Types that will be sent.


Here's a preview of the post in Slack channel:


Personal Slack Notifications


Each user can choose to connect their HR Cloud account to receive Task and Workmates notifications.

To connect your account,

1. Click on your picture in the upper right hand corner of the screen.

2. Go to My Settings.

3. Click on Integrations. You will find Slack Integration under Others section

4. Connect to Slack.

5. Choose your Slack workspace and Sign in to Slack.

Please note that each user has to do this individually.



Here is a preview of Personal Slack notifications: