UltiPro Integration Details

This article will help you understand what is integrated with UltiPro and how to set it up in HR Cloud.


UltiPro is an HCM system that our clients mostly use for payroll.


What is integrated with UltiPro?

  • We are not importing any data from UltiPro into HR Cloud (except UltiPro employee number that gets imported on successful New hire export).
  • We are exporting data from HR Cloud only once; export occurs on completion of Export Employee from HR Cloud to UltiPro task.
  • New hire sends employee details and required information (e.g. Direct Deposit and W4 forms data).
  • There are no updates sent from HR Cloud to UltiPro. New hire service is the only one we are approved to use.

Setting up UltiPro in HR Cloud

After your Account Manager enabled the UltiPro integration, go to System Settings > Integrations > UltiPro and add API keys and credentials and connect.




Export Employee from HR Cloud to UltiPro task

Once you have successfully connected you will be able to export your New Hire information to UltiPro.

Firstly, you would need to fill out the employee information in HR Cloud. On the employee profile, there will also be an UltiPro section that will need to be filled out.


UltiPro employee profile


Secondly, you would need to complete the Export Employee from HR Cloud to UltiPro task.

This is the information that is being sent to UltiPro:

This task will appear in your predefined task section and it is advised to include it in your All New Hire checklist so all new employees are transferred to UltiPro.


The task will indicate if there are any missing required fields necessary to push the employee over to UltiPro.

ultipro export task


Click here to download the field mappings from HRC to UltiPro.

Direct Deposit form

Direct Deposit Integrations form is used for UltiPro integration.

Completion of the form is required for the Export task.

All fields except signature and date are optional so that clients can set it up with their custom additional questions and workflows.

If the employee decides not to get paid through direct deposit to the account (additional question added to form), the form is completed, but we are not sending any info to UltiPro.

The form supports two bank accounts and sends this data to UltiPro.

Data can be found in UltiPro employee > Pay tab > Direct Deposit.


W4 form

The standard W4 form is used for UltiPro integration and the list of fields integrated with UltiPro is covered in the previously shared mapping document.

Completion of the form is required for Export task.

Data can be found in UltiPro employee > Taxes tab > Income Tax > Federal Income Tax


I-9 form and E-Verify

I-9 form is set as required for New hire export.

The only piece of information sent from I-9 is Other Last Names Used value.


E-Verify value is hardcoded - we are sending Yes to “Verified” field for all employees regardless of their actual E-Verify status.

This info is in Personal tab > Private Info > I-9 section in UltiPro.