What are Snapshot and Activity reports?

This article will cover how you can utilize our automated reports - Snapshot and/or Activity report.

Among other Employee Reports under Reports, you can find Activity and Snapshot.


The activity report shows all updated data in the system and it includes all entities.

An entity can be a specific employee/user/applicant or a form/object.

The report shows field label, old and new values, when was it updated and by whom.

Users can easily add the "Entity Name" column to narrow the search.



Snapshot report shows what was the applied data on a specific date.

It compares history records and based on those entries, it shows appropriate values which represent the data on the chosen date.

For example, if the employee's position was changed with the option "Edit" on his Job tab, the change won't be visible because snapshot report pulls the data from history records.

In order to have the correct data, it is highly suggested to make changes to employment details using "Actions" on the employee's profile.