Who are watchers and how to set it up?

This article will explain the HR Cloud task watchers. functionality.

This feature was introduced to help assignees in need of help with their tasks to quickly and easily reach out to their HR representatives.
Please note that HR Admins are watchers for all tasks by default.

All tasks have a section at the bottom in which the users with proper task visibility permissions can write a comment.

The watchers will then be notified in an email that the user commented on the task. Their response will be sent to the assignee as well.


Setting Up Watchers


The checklist watcher is set up in the options of each checklist.
Task watchers can be set up on the task level and on the checklist level.

  • If the users have been set as watchers on a checklist level, they will receive notifications for comments on every task in the selected checklist.


  • Task watchers are set up in the options available when creating a task.
    Task watchers can be set up both on tasks that are created in a checklist or manually.
    Task watchers will receive notifications for every comment on the task in which they are enabled.

Important notes!

  • The task watcher overrides the checklist watcher, which means that if a task in a checklist that has a checklist watcher has a different task watcher, the assigned watcher will be the task watcher.
  • If a user that has permission to see the tasks of another employee comments on a task, that user will become a watcher for that task. In order to remove him from being a watcher, all of his comments have to be deleted.

Below is the email notification with a link to the task that is sent to the watchers.