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Workable Integration

This article will assist you in setting up the integration between your HR Cloud and Workable account.

  1. Ask your Account Manager to enable Workable integration for you
  2. Log in to HR Cloud (HR Admin) and go to Settings


There you will find a new option Workable in the Integrations section


Once you click on it, the screen which opens requires you to enter two pieces of information:
  • Partner Token
  • Workable Subdomain

Now, login to your Workable account and go to Settings

  • Go to Recruiting > Integrations

  • Scroll down to the Employee onboarding section. Here you will find Onboard by HR Cloud

  • Expand Onboard by HRCloud and click on Generate token

  • Click Copy to clipboard to copy this token. Now go to HR Cloud  and paste this to the Partner Token field

  •  Now go back to Workable and click on Company > Company Profile

  • Copy the text in the Subdomain field (without .workable.com part)

  • Now go back to HR Cloud and enter the data you copied in the Workable Subdomain field. Now that you have all the data you need you can click Connect

Workable Import

  • If you want to Import hired candidates as Employees from Workable to HR Cloud (When a candidate gets hired, Workable will send information to HR Cloud) you need to check the mark for that. You can change this or disconnect from Workable whenever you want.


    You are all set! Now when you click Hire in Workable hired employee will be added to HRCloud (it may take a few minutes for a new employee to be visible in HRCloud).

    Here is the list of fields that get mapped from Workable to HRC:

    Workable Object

    Workable field

    HR Cloud Object

    HR Cloud Field


    First Name


    First Name


    Last Name


    Last Name








    Address 1














    Employment Type


    Employment Type