Employee - Overview

This article gives an overview of the employee object.

Employee object contains the details of an employee of the organization. 

Employee Object 

Name Type Description
xFirstName String First name
xLastName String Last name
xFullName String Full name
xEmail String Email address
xEmployeeNumber String Unique employee number
xRecordStatus String Active or Inactive
xStartDate Date Start date
xAddress1 String Address (street name and number)
xAddress2 String Additional address information
xCity String City
xState String State
xZipCode Number Zip code
xCountry Number Country
xBonus JSON array Bonus using two fields specifying amount and currency. Cannot be updated using PUT.
xCellPhone String Mobile phone number
xDateOfBirth Date Date of birth
xEducationLevel String Educational level
xEthnicity String Ethnicity
xGender String Female or Male
xInternationalTaxID String International tax ID
xMIddleName String Middle name
xNickname String Nickname
xSalary JSON array Salary using two fields specifying amount and currency. Cannot be updated using PUT.
xSeparationDate Date Separation (end) date
xSeparationReason String Separation reason
xSSN String Social security number
xVeteranStatus String Veteran status
xWorkPhone String Work phone number
xDepartmentLookup String Existing department ID
xEmploymentStatusLookup String Existing employment status ID
xLocationLookup String Existing location ID
xPositionLookup String Existing position ID
xDivisionLookup String Existing division ID
xEmploymentTypeLookup String Existing employment type ID
Model Schema

To get the schema make a GET request to 


"entities": [

"xSalary": [





Method Endpoint Description
GET /xEmployee Get All employees 
GET /xEmployee/:employeeId Retrieve a single employee


Create a new employee


Update an employee