How to create custom views?

This article explains how to create custom views of different data grids in the HR Cloud application.

HR Cloud allows for the customization of views of different data grids throughout the application. You can add or remove columns from a grid, create groups, filters etc. and then save them as a view for future use.

Customization includes what data is shown and the format in which it appears in the grid. You can perform one or more of the following operations on the data and then save it as a custom view.

1. Add/Remove columns from the grid

  • Click the columns icon on the top of the grid. It lists all the possible columns for that data grid.
  • Choose the columns as required. You can also assign an alias name to a column.
  • Click Done.


2. Create data filters

  • Click the Filter icon and click Add a Filter button.
  • Add filter criteria from the options listed.
  • Click Done.


3. Create data groups

  • Click the Group icon on the top of the grid. It shows the various options available to group the data in
    the grid.
  • Select as required.
  • Click done


When the customization is done, an orange indicator will be shown on the view name. To save the view,

1. Click the view dropdown button.

2. Click Create New View button.

3. Enter its name and properties. You can choose to make it default and limit its visibility.

4. Click Save.