Response Message

This article explains the components of a response message returned from the HR Cloud APIs.

A response message from a REST API typically contains a status code, response headers and a response message. 

Note the following points about HR Cloud API responses.

  • APIs return data in JSON format. 
  • Success or failure of the API is indicated by the status code (200 OK). In either case, the response body will be in JSON format. 
For example, below is the response message for a successful GET request to the Division object: 
"Id": "49fd50d7a91114b3",
"xDivisionName": "Employment Services",
"xDivisionCode": "SRV",
"xRecordStatus": "Active"
"Id": "48533729e88a86ce",
"xDivisionName": "Training",
"xDivisionCode": "2",
"xRecordStatus": "Active"


Similarly, for a failed request, a message with the reason for failure is returned. 

"Message": "Validation failed. Value for Department Name is required
but missing.Value for Department Code is required but missing."