Advanced Settings in Checklists

This article explains the advanced settings available while creating a checklist.

There are three special settings under the Advanced tab while creating a checklist. 

1. Checklist priority

2. Task Library Visibility

3. Access & Visibility

Priority: This defines the priority of the checklist in comparison to other checklists. Based on this value, the sequence of the tasks under the Tasks tab is defined. For instance, if there are three checklists - two of which have Normal priority and one has High priority, then the tasks from the checklist with High priority will be shown on top of other tasks in the list.

The priority field can take any of the following five values: Very High, High, Normal, Low, and Very Low, where 'Very High' indicates the highest priority and 'Very Low' indicates the lowest priority. 

Please note that the sequence of the tasks in the same checklist is not defined by this setting.

Task Library visibility: Define the visibility of Checklist tasks in the Task Library. By default, HR Admins have full access whereas Employees do not have access to the Task Library.  This refers to the option "Choose existing task from a library" when assigning tasks manually.

Access and Visibility:  Set a date when your assignees will be able to access their checklist task. This setting is optional. Tasks will be assigned, but not visible or accessible to assignees until the date defined by this section.

This field is used to set a date when the checklist tasks will be accessible to the employee. The date is given with reference to the trigger date of the checklist. For instance, you can set the access date as 2 days after the trigger date. This implies that the tasks will be accessible and visible to the assignees only 2 days after the trigger date of the checklist.


Please note you are not required to edit any of these settings since they all have default values.

For Access and Visibility there is no date set by default which means that as soon as the checklist is triggered, assignees have access to tasks and can see them right away.