How to create Reports?

This article explains how to create, export and print custom reports.

To create custom reports,

  1. Create a custom view with the fields required in the report.
  2. Assign it a name and set the visibility to 'Everyone'.
  3. Check the checkbox Add to Reports and provide a description if required.

To view the list of reports,
  1. Go to the Reports tab under the People application. All the available reports will be listed.
  2. To view the data of any of the reports, click the name of the report and the data will be shown.


To export reports,

  1. Go to the report to be exported under the Reports tab.
  2. Select the records to be exported.
  3. Click the Actions link on the top of the grid.
  4. Select the format in which the data is to be exported - CSV, PDF or Excel and click Done.



To print reports,

  1. Open the exported report with an associated application (for example, a pdf file with PDF viewer and an excel file with MS excel).
  2. Use the print functionality of the programs and print Reports.