How to Customize your Homepage?

This article will show you how you can customize your HR Cloud homepage.

If you want to customize your HR Cloud Homepage you can do so in many different ways.

How to Edit Header?

You will notice that your header color is set to match HR Cloud's brand by default. However, you can customize it to fit your brand. To do so, you need to open Homepage and click on Edit Header button in the upper right corner. You have two options there:

  1. Set up new Logo and Header Image
  2. Use Company Branding.

How to add new Logo and Header Image?

You can upload or take a logo picture. Recommended size is 180px by 180px. Supported file types

When you open your Homepage, you will see an Settings icon in the upper right corner, right next to the Edit Header. When you click on it, you will see Edit Homepage button. 


Once you click on it, you will be able to edit your Homepage. That means you can delete, duplicate, rearrange existing or create completely new widgets.

How to Delete Widgets?

For instance, if you want to remove certain widgets from the homepage, you can simply click on the trash icon next to that field as shown below. 

How to Duplicate Widgets?

In case you want exactly the same section as you already have, you can duplicate it easily by clicking on the duplicate icon next to the trash icon. 

How to Rearrange Widgets?

You can rearrange your widgets as well. You simply need to click on the dots icon in the upper left corner and drag and drop the widget to a wanted place on your Homepage. This video shows the steps. 

How to Add New Widgets?

If our default Homepage is missing some widgets that you would like to have showcased, you can add them on your own. You can scroll down to the end of the page and you will see a New Section with different kinds of section layouts. Once you choose a different layout, you can click on + Add Widget sign and add any of the recommended widgets just as in the below video. You can adjust the section's layout at any moment, before or after clicking Save. 

How to Preview the Changes?

Once you made all the necessary updates, but you're not quite sure how it will look after saving, you can simply click Preview button in the upper right corner and check it once more before clicking the final Save. If you notice your Homepage needs more work, you can click on Keep Editing rather than saving it right away.