How to reassign a task?

This article explains how to reassign a task to an employee.

Reassigning a task is required in various cases like when the original assignee is not available or his role or position is changed etc.

Please note that reassigning tasks will not make changes to the employee they are related to. To change the employee the tasks are related to, cancel the tasks and manually assign them to the new employee.

Please note that you need to have admin rights to be able to reassign the tasks. Also, only 100 tasks can be selected to be reassigned at once.

To reassign tasks,

1. Go to the Tasks section from the left panel of the application.

2. Select one or more tasks to be reassigned.

3. Click the Actions button on the top of the grid.

4. Select Bulk Reassign Tasks.

5. Provide the new assignee name on the following page and click Update.

Please note that the user to whom the tasks are reassigned needs to have proper permissions to be able to complete them.