How to redeem Kudos Points?

This article explains how to redeem Kudos Points and manage your Kudos Balance.

To keep track of the Balance and redeem Points:

1. Enter the Kudos App>Overview.

2. Access the Wallet section on the upper right of the panel and press View History. This is where the current Balance availability is shown. 

3. Select Redeem Points, which will prompt you to the  Rewards section.


If you want to redeem your points for a gift card, choose from the Gift Cards listed and decide how much of the balance available you are willing to spend on the specific Gift Card. Move the cursor until you reach the desired amount, then press Redeem.

*The Gift Card providers usually inform the user of the additional terms and conditions in the lines below the Gift Card. 

Once completed, the employee receives further instructions on his account email.

Here are the steps necessary to redeem Kudos Points for the Gift Card:


Kudos Points could be redeemed for Custom Rewards set by your Company, as well as, transferred to the peers of choice. Here is the step-by-step process:

1. Go to Kudos>Overview>Your Wallet>Redeem Points.

2. If you select Custom Rewards, your HR will get notified, and prompted to communicate the reward with you. 

3. Choose Transfer if you want to hand the Gift Points over to someone else within the Company. Select the Employee you wish to receive the points, as well as, the number of points anticipated, then press Send.