How to Rehire an employee?

This article explains how to rehire an employee.

Initiate hire is an action that allows you to hire terminated employees.

In such cases, the employee profile already exists but the account is inactive and hence, inaccessible. Rehiring activates the employee account again.

Please note that when an employee is rehired, the same set of permissions are granted to the employee that he originally had, unless his security role is modified.

To rehire an employee,

  1. Go to the People Application and go to the employee profile.
  2. Click on the Actions button on the top right corner of the page.
  3. Click Initiate Hire.
  4. Update the details of employment on the Hire Employee form like effective date, employee number, location, department, position, salary etc.

Important notes!

  • If you would to automatically trigger tasks after the employee has been rehired, please set up a rehire checklist.
  • Once the employees are rehired their existing tasks will be archived.
  • Their Time off requests will be deleted and accruals and balances reset. The same Time Off policy that was assigned before the termination will be assigned.