How to replace a form or a document in an already created task?

This article explains how to replace the form in an existing form task.

A form in a task can be replaced by editing the checklist.

1. Go to the Checklists page from the left panel.

2. Edit the checklist which has the form task to be modified.

3. Edit the form task. Select the correct form.

4. Save the form and the checklist.


The same steps apply if you need to change the information related to any other type of task.

If you have an updated version of a document you are sharing inside the Plain task, it can easily be replaced by following the below steps.

1.  Access the checklist in question.

2. Find the task you want to edit.

3. Click on the Edit pencil on the right side of the task section.

4. Change the title, due date, attachments or any other task option.

5. Click on Save for the task and click on Save for the checklist.

Please note that this action will not affect your previously assigned tasks. To change it, please cancel the task and reassign it.