How to Send Form Unlocking Request?

This article will show you how you can request form unlocking.

Some of the forms are locked automatically on certain date or after their due date. However, if you notice that the form you're trying to complete is locked, you can easily notify your HR Admins about it and they will unlock it for you.

The steps to do so are to open the task related to the locked form and then open the form itself. Once you open it, a yellow button saying Request Form Unlock will appear. You simply need to click on it as shown in the video.


Once you click on it, email is triggered and your HR Admin gets notified that your form needs unlocking and they are prompted to unlock it. The email leads them straight to your form so they don't need to lose time searching for it. 


If your form is not unlocked, you can repeat the steps and click on Resend Form Unlocking button that will replace the previous Request Form Unlock.

Here you can see how HR Admins can unlock I9s and any other forms.