What is the purpose of chained tasks?

This article will explain how chained tasks are set up and their function.

Task chains are stacked Tasks where the Task completion order is predefined by the task creator. This option is used when you need to set up a specific order of steps that are conditioned by the completion of other tasks.

Chain-related multi-step Tasks are where either one Assignee needs to complete the matter in a specific order or when more than one Assignee needs to complete a task or tasks related to one specific Employee. 

This means that the assignee won't be able to complete i.e. step 2 before completing step 1. Step 2 task will be shown as Pending until Step 1 is taken care of.

There can be an unlimited amount of steps chained together to be completed one after another or some can even be chained to the same step.

Additionally, Multi-Contributor Form Tasks allow form access restriction for each Assignee until it is their turn to complete their part. This is most commonly used for Offer letters ( an employee can not sign the offer letter until HR completes it and fills in the employment details on that same offer letter=form).