How to add a new hire to ADP?

During onboarding, you can use our predefined task ''Add new hire to ADP'' to automatically send your new hire to your ADP account.

The first step is to add the ''Add new Hire to ADP'' task as part of the checklist.

It will consist of 2 consecutive tasks; the first will be to send the new hire to ADP and the second one will be to update his tax information. This second task serves as a reminder to HR to make necessary updates since HR Cloud doesn't send tax information to ADP.


Once the task is assigned, you will only have to click on  Mark Complete but there are some required fields that have to be filled in before completing it.

You will be notified about missing fields inside of the task and it will look like this:


Once all of the required data is entered on the employee's profile, the ''Mark Complete'' button will become blue and clickable.

By clicking on it, you will be able to send your new hire to ADP.

As soon as the task is marked as completed, you should be able to locate your new hire in ADP.


From then on, all changes related to the employee's employment details are done in ADP.

While completing the task, you may encounter some issues in terms of receiving error messages.

If that happens, please don't hesitate to reach out to chat or for more input and assistance.