How to edit existing tasks in a checklist?

This article explains how to edit an existing checklist.

Checklists can be edited to change any of its properties like tasks, schedule, assignments rules etc. Only a user with admin rights can edit the checklists.

To edit an existing checklist,

1. Go to the Checklists page on the left panel in the application.

2. Open the checklist to be edited. Make changes as required using the edit icon at the end of each field on the page.

You can rename a task, change its assignee or due date as well as decide if the task can be optional (meaning it can be skipped) or if you want the assignee's signature prior to them completing the task.


After you updated the main information, you can add or update the Description, attach a file if necessary or update the Review steps. By clicking Notifications you can create upcoming or overdue email notifications, notify somebody about task comments and if you need to notify somebody that this task is completed, you can add a recipient to Task completed email


After you're done, you need to click Save not only in the update window but also in the checklist grid as shown below.


Also, you can sort the tasks in the checklist, delete some of them or add new ones

Please note that any changes made to the checklists or their tasks will not affect the existing tasks already assigned to the users.